Content Glass Cloud is a collection of Content Glass apps, coordinated and managed as unified web workspace. Content Glass Cloud follows an innovative methodology of referring to websites as an app. Each app-website focus on very specific functionality and features. At the same time the app-website is part larger complex of websites that may cooperate with each other. The synergy produced from associating multiple app-websites as one unified cloud workplace is what we call Web-Cloud.   

Content Glass web-cloud uses single account model. Users register once and then can install one or more apps. Once app was installed user can manage app preferences. Once you install an app it is assumed you agree with app terms. Contentr Glass cloud has

core terms that define global guiding rules and terminology for using cloud apps. In addition each app may have its own special terms depending on app's functionality.

Some apps are free, some other are offered in a Freemiunm model so that some functionalit is free and other requires some paiment. Some other apps requires payment to work and use. You should follow each app instractions regarding app resources that requires some fee. In any case you should first install the app and set the preferneces. In the case of paid features the fieature will stay in "pending" state up untill you perform the payment.