Content Glass Cloud (CG-Cloud) is a technological Hub that unite multiple Content-Glass apps so they can be managed using single account and in a way that enable apps to share contextual strata of information with each other. 


End-User Perspective

As end-user, most of the time, you will not interact with this website directly but with specific website app. Still, since this website function as a hub that manages your CG-Cloud accout, you may visit here sometimes if some account related tasks are required. 

Hub-Partner Perspective

CG-Cloud website is also the main information hub for CG-Cloud partners. A partner is a company that is responsible for running one or more of CG-Cloud applications (mentioned above). This is how the Hub model is working:

  • Rhizome Networks, the owner and founder of Content Glass platform is developing various CG apps, beleived to have high commercial and/or innovative value. 
  • When prototype of app is ready we make an announcement and make an initial launch of app.
  • Existing or new partners are then welcome to file an application for getting the rights to operate and commercialize the app.
  • Private investors are welcome to contact and make interest in settup an initial investment for supporting the commercialization stage.
  • We help to bind and bridge between investors and potentail partners (in the case investor is involved)
  • When we are in a ready-to-go situation, meaning partner was found and a proof for taking the app to commercial lavel has been made, we create ad-hoc partnership for the app. 
  • Partner receive all the required resources to continue supporting and maintaining the app. 
  • That's it!  We continue to cooperate and support each other for the purpose of making a success in the commercial stage.


CG Apps of Cotnent Glass Cloud

CG-Cloud in an umbrella for multiple apps that utilize Content Glass platform technology and follow some traces on state-orients-sharing methodology (CG Apps).

CG-Cloud is a new project and most of the apps are still in the stage of design and/or development. Part of the apps represent a new variation of older apps developed by Rhizome Networks, other apps are developed from scratch. Following is a list of some of the apps currently in plan.

Content Glass Direct - interactive landing pages for increasing engagement with customers and contacts.

Content Glass Experts - an innovative platform for srtatifying websites with unique facets where affiliate experts can provide help, consulting, and activity for increasing conversions on website.

Content Glass Online - a strata that connect phone calles with business and personal cards.

Content Glass Tracking - global object-glass based tracking service that bridge across multiple non-integrated nodes in a multi-node procedures.

Content Glass Cards - an innovative strata of networks in the virtual domain. 

Content glass Groups - community of interest groups that may share with each other over multiple web contexts.

Content Glass Package - strata for generating collaborative paid content packages and apply on top of websites.

Content Glass Ads - Peer to Peer advertising model using the markers-glass concepts. 

Content Glass Events - strata of CG-Widgets designed to work in the context of public events and conferences.

Content Glass Portals - starta of desktop portals nased on desktop-glass concepts.

Content Glass Review - starta of reviews for websites unified by centralized hub.

Content Glass Dev - community and tools for cntent-glass partners and developers.


For the actual status of each app and partners community please visit the app-tracker page.